Below you will find a list of active research projects that the Fetal Heart Society (FHS) is involved in.

Active Research Projects

New Study-Inozyme

PI: Brian Bush

Fetal Heart Society Researchers Show Disparities in Prenatal Detection of TGA

PI: Mary Donofrio

SLOW HEART REGISTRY: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study of Fetal Immune-Mediated High-Degree Heart Block

The SLOW HEART REGISTRY is a multi-centered prospective observational study that will address the knowledge gap to guide future management of high-degree immune-mediated heart block to the best of care. The study seeks to establish an international database of the management and outcome of affected fetuses, to be used to publish information on the results of currently available prenatal care and to evaluate the need for additional research.
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Clinical Trial of Fetal Brain Intervention/embolization for Vein of Galen Malformations at Boston Children’s Hospital is Now Open for Recruitment.

While many vein of Galen patients do very well with conventional treatment after birth, there remains a significant fraction who will develop severe cardiopulmonary symptoms soon after delivery, and this subgroup has a high risk of morbidity and mortality, even with expert care. An IRB and FDA-approved clinical trial of fetal brain intervention/embolization for vein of Galen malformations at Boston Children’s Hospital is now open for recruitment.
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