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Milestones in Fetal Heart Research: Progress and Insights and What Lies Ahead


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Past Webinars and Recordings

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July 2024
Topic: Fetal Echocardiography: Protocol, Technique and Optimization
Description: A presentation on “Fetal Echo Standard Imaging Views” kicked off the event, covering cardiac biometry, pulsed wave, and color Doppler based on the latest ASE guidelines. This was followed by a talk on “Image Optimization” and techniques for improving fetal echo imaging in technically difficult studies while avoiding pitfalls. After these talks, a collaborative discussion featured experts from Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Pediatric Cardiology, attracting interest from a wide range of professionals passionate about Fetal Echocardiography.

June 2024
Topic: Diagnosing Systemic Venous Anomalies in the Fetus: More than Meets the Eye
Description: This webinar reviewed systemic venous anomalies encountered in fetal cardiac imaging. Two case reports were each followed by a brief presentation reviewing the anatomic variations, associations, and workup after a diagnosis of a systemic venous anomaly.

May 2024
Topic: Demystifying Double Outlet Right Ventricle: Anatomy, Imaging and Surgery
Experts covered anatomy, prenatal diagnosis, imaging techniques, surgical interventions, and long-term management. Whether you're a fetal cardiologist, obstetrician, sonographer, or pediatric surgeon, this webinar offers valuable insights to enhance clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

April 2024
Topic: The Fast and the Furious: Fetal Tachycardia Cases and Expert Panel Discussion
This webinar highlighted the challenges in diagnosing fetal tachycardia with two cases presented by Dr. Bohun from OHSU and Dr. Holmes from Children’s Hospital Colorado. Dr. Jaeggi gave an update on the FAST trial. Our expert panelists Drs. Killen, Gropler and Jaeggi reviewed clinical pearls for diagnosing and managing fetal tachycardias. This webinar is helpful for cardiac/obstetric/MFM sonographers, pediatric cardiologists, neonatologists, obstetricians, perinatologists/MFMs, radiologists, and trainees. Click the link above to view the recording.

March 2024
Topic: The Fetal Brain in Congenital Heart Disease

This webinar dived into the intricate world of fetal circulatory physiology and brain health. Our first session explored the question: "Is it modifiable?" Viewers gained valuable insights into the factors that influence fetal circulatory physiology and the potential modifiability of these processes for optimizing brain health during gestation. The second segment of our webinar focused on the impact of maternal-fetal environmental stressors on the developing fetal brain. Our third session tackled the fascinating topic of fetal neuroprotection in Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). The webinar will concluded with a dynamic panel session. Click the link above to view the recording.

February 2024
Topic: Early Fetal Echocardiography: The Benefits, Challenges, & Case-Based Examples
Description: This webinar captured three brief presentations from Dr. Miwa Geiger from Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, Dr Liat Gindes from Wolfson Medical Center/ Tel Aviv University, and Dr. Angela McBrien from the University of Alberta, who spoke about FHS Program Leaders’ Committee latest initiative on early fetal echocardiography, techniques, and imaging protocols in the first trimester, and detection and counseling of congenital heart defects. This webinar is of broad interest to Pediatric Cardiologists, Radiologists, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists, imaging specialists, and Sonographers with a special interest in early fetal echocardiography in the first trimester. 

January 2024
Topic:Highlights from the Fetal Cardiology Sessions at the 8th World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Description: This webinar captured the extraordinary moments from the 8th World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, which took place in Washington DC from August 27 to September 1, 2023. This webinar highlighted topics from the one day FHS Scientific Session as well as the 6 day conference including lectures on fetal cardiac development, counseling, and fetal intervention. The awardee of the best fetal abstract presented her research during this webinar. Finally, this webinar featured a lecture summarizing the year in review of important fetal research and advanced. 

December 2023
Topic: Diagnostic and Management Challenges of Congenitally Corrected TGA
Description: This webinar highlighted the diagnosis, management, and counseling of the fetus with congenitally corrected TGA.  The speakers presented two different fetal cases to highlight the different various physiologies and presentations that fall under the heading of this diagnosis. Jennifer Cohen reviewed the results of the FHS collaborative research study which was recently published.  This multicenter, retrospective study investigated the natural history, associated anomalies, and outcomes of fetal ccTGA. Lastly, Deb Ho will discuss counseling challenges given the various treatment options and outcomes possible for the diagnosis of congenitally corrected TGA in the fetus.

November 2023
Topic: Fetal Bradycardia: When is Low Too Slow?
Description: This webinar highlighted the etiologies of fetal bradycardia and the importance, for mother and fetus, of identifying fetal heart rates <3rd percentile for gestational age. The speakers were, Nadia Chaudhry-Waterman, DO from Children’s Colorado, presenting a case of an inherited arrhythmia syndrome. Jenna Rodriguez, BS, RDCS from Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, presenting a case of blocked atrial bigeminy versus second-degree atrioventricular block, and Marie Chevenon, MD, MSc from Phoenix Children’s Hospital presenting a case of anti-Ro/SSA-mediated atrioventricular block. Dr. Stacy Killen, associate medical director of fetal cardiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and member of the FHS Education Committee, moderated the session. Following the talks, a panel discussion included Dr. Bettina Cuneo, co-PI of the NIH-sponsored STOP-BLOQ trial; Dr. Lisa Howley, director of fetal cardiology at Children’s Minnesota/Children’s Heart Clinic; Dr. Janette Strasburger, professor of pediatrics and biomedical engineering at Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Wisconsin; Dr. Sally Clur, pediatric and fetal cardiologist at Emma Children’s Hospital/Amsterdam Academic Medical Center and head of fetal cardiology at the Center for Congenital Heart Abnormalities Amsterdam-Leiden; and Dr. Soha Patel, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the division of maternal fetal medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  These experts in fetal cardiology, electrophysiology, and maternal fetal medicine reviewed clinical pearls for diagnosing and managing fetal bradycardias, discuss prenatal genetic testing and perinatal management of inherited arrhythmia syndromes, and explored the approach to care of mothers with anti-Ro/SSA antibodies. This webinar will be of great interest to cardiac/obstetric/MFM sonographers, pediatric cardiologists, neonatologists, obstetricians, perinatologists/MFMs, radiologists, rheumatologists, and trainees.

October 2023
Topic: Current Trends in Fetal Cardiology: FHS Benchmarking Survey Results
Description: This webinar reviewed the results from the Benchmarking Survey conducted by the Program Leaders Committee of FHS. These results included information regarding current practice in Fetal Cardiology Programs in North America and beyond, including fetal cardiac scanning, staffing (physicians, sonographers, nurse coordinators, and other specialists), quality improvement initiatives, counseling practices, and delivery location relative to surgical and interventional provision. Following the review of the survey results, there was a panel discussion regarding the current configuration of fetal cardiology programs and how we can use this benchmarking data for future initiatives such as early fetal echocardiography, maternal hyperoxygenation testing, and delivery planning optimization.

August 2023
Topic: The Err is to Learn: Missed Diagnosis Cases

July 2023
Topic: Mentorship for Sonographers
Description: Katie Jo Stauffer, BS, RDCS, FASE, lead sonographer from Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, and Jennifer Sutton, MMHC, RDMS, RDCS, Manager, Fetal Cardiac & Pediatric Program from Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, shares her respective experience with leadership, research, and education mentorship for Sonographers.

The session was moderated by Mishella Perez BS, RDMS, RDCS, FAIUM, Clinical Ultrasound Educator from Scripps Health, who serves as Sonographer Committee Co-Chair for the Fetal Heart Society. Following the talks, we had a panel discussion led by Mishella, including our speakers with Sonographers and Physicians extraordinaire Jenna Rodriguez, BS, RDCS from Children’s Hospital Vanderbilt, Pamela Foy, MS, RDMS, FSDMS Imaging Training Manager from Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Drs. Rajesh Punn, Co-Director of Stanford Pediatric Echo Core Imaging & Translational Research from the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at Stanford, and Timothy Canavan, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine from UPMC of Central PA.

This webinar will be great interest to sonographers and physicians of all specialties who are interested in building a quality mentorship to help Sonographers grow, learn, and develop professionally in their careers.

June 2023
Topic: Prenatal Evaluation and Management of Isomerism
Description: Dr. David Schidlow, Director of Heterotaxy Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, will speak on “Fetal Heterotaxy: Creating a Diagnostic Checklist” reviewing cardiac segmental analysis in heterotaxy. Next, Dr. Shi-Joon Shi-Joon Yoo, Director of 3D Printing Program at Hospital for Sick Children, will speak on “Advanced Prenatal Imaging Evaluation of Isomerism” reviewing the extracardiac disease with isomerism. And lastly, Dr. Lindsay Edwards, from Seattle Children’s Hospital and active member of the FHS Education Committee, will present on “Prognosis, Prenatal Counseling and Delivery Planning for Heterotaxy”.

Dr. Chris Lindblade, Director of Fetal Cardiology Program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and FHS Secretary, will moderate the session. Following the talks, a panel discussion including Dr. Norman Silverman, Professor of Pediatrics at University of California, San Francisco, and Dr. Nancy Ayers, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, will review clinical pearls for diagnosis and management of this challenging subset of patients in addition to other related topics. This webinar will be of great interest to cardiac and MFM sonographers, nurse coordinators, pediatric cardiologists, neonatologists, MFM specialist, radiologists, and trainees.

May 2023
Topic: Fetal Heart Society Webinar – Back to Basics: Improving Detection of Fetal CHD with the Cardiac Screening Exam
Description: Marybeth Tomory, BS, RDMS, Advanced Practice Sonographer from Access TeleCare, will speak on “Fetal Cardiac Screening Views,” based on the current guidelines. Next, Dr. Mark S. Sklansky, Fetal Cardiology Director from the University of California Los Angeles, will discuss “How to improve CHD Detection,” focusing on practical imaging tips for effective screening. And lastly, Amy Porter, CHD Advocate and Educator for Tiny HeartsCan Foundation, will speak about “CHD Diagnosis: A Patient Perspective,” sharing her story and experience.

Mishella Perez, RDMS, RDCS from Scripps Health, Sonographer Committee Co-Chair for the Fetal Heart Society, will moderate the session. Following the talks, we will have a collaborative discussion featuring Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Pediatric Cardiology experts, including Dr. Anita Moon-Grady from the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Celeste Sheppard from UT Health Austin, and Dr. Gihad Chalouhi from Paris, France. This discussion is sure to be of broad interest to Radiologists, Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, Obstetricians, imaging specialists and Sonographers with a special interest in improving the detection of fetal CHD. 

April 2023
Topic: Getting Better Together: Practical Approaches to Quality Improvement in Fetal Cardiology
Description: Dr. Rick Michelfelder from Emory University/Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Dr. Ann Kavanaugh-McHugh from Vanderbilt University, and Dr. Stefani Samples from Lurie Children’s Hospital, share their respective experience with leading Fetal Cardiology QI programs. In addition, they share examples of QI projects that can improve imaging diagnostic accuracy, parental counseling, post-natal planning, efficacy, and productivity to provide a QI framework specific to fetal cardiology programs. We also review the QI-specific preliminary data learned from the ongoing “Fetal Cardiology Benchmarking Survey.” The session is moderated by Dr. Sheetal Patel from Lurie Children’s, who serves as the Program Leaders Committee Chair for the Fetal Heart Society. Following the talks, we have a panel discussion led by Dr. Patel, including the three speakers as well as Drs. Betul Yilmaz from Texas Children’s and Suma Goudar from Children’s National Hospital.

March 2023
Topic: Grappling with Disparities in Fetal Cardiology: What we know, don’t know, and what we can do
Description: We start with 3 brief presentations from Dr. Flora Nuñez Gallegos from Stanford, Dr. Michelle Debbink, MFM from the University of Utah, and Dr. Benton Ng from Johns Hopkins All Children’s, co-leader of the NPC-QIC’s Health Equity Project, who introduces this work to address disparities in prenatal care of patients at our heart centers. The majority of the webinar focuses on a panel discussion led by Dr. Keila Lopez from Texas Children’s Hospital. Panel members including Mary Bales, parent and co-lead of the NPC Health Equity Project, Dr. Brittney Hills from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Education and Outreach Committee Co-Chair for PAC3, and Dr. Anita Krishnan from Children’s National, the lead author of the FHS study on the Impact of SES, Race/Ethnicity and Geography on Prenatal Detection of HLHS and TGA, share their thoughts and insights on this important and timely topic.

February 2023
Topic: Creating an Effective Mentor-Mentee Relationship
Description: Dr. Rob Akin presents on “Key Facets of the Mentor-Mentee Relationship”. Dr. Lisa Hornberger speaks about “Mentorship in Academic Medicine” and Dr. Angela McBrien discusses her experience of “Celebrating Successes and Overcoming Pitfalls in Mentorship”. Following the presentations, there is an interactive panel discussion with our faculty and physician, sonographer, and nursing panel.

January 2023
Topic: Social Media and Medicine: Positives and Pitfalls
Description: We discuss how you can interact with others on Social Media in ways that can enhance your knowledge and your career. Learn from those who have used Social Media in creative and beneficial ways, and how the FHS will be growing its Social Media presence and activity in the following year to support our goals of supporting Research and Education in Fetal Cardiology.

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